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android – Flutter) I wish to know apply the identical scroll to the kid widget listing inside ListView


I am making a ListView that features many Enlargement widgets.
The issue with that is that ListView has vertical scrolling, nevertheless it doesn’t work with ExpansionWidget in ListView. Scrolls in ListView solely work in empty area, not within the baby widget’s space.

              peak: dimension!.peak * 0.6,
              padding: EdgeInsets.all(common_padding),
              ornament: BoxDecoration(
                border: Border.all(
                  coloration: Colours.gray,
                  width: 0.7,
                borderRadius: BorderRadius.all(
              baby: ListView(
                youngsters: [
                  // expansion widget pakage
                  // ExpansionWidget() .... // many widgets

My code is briefly as above.
How do I apply scrolling to the Kids widget in Record View?



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