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android – Flutter TextFormField does not transfer caret behind a ‘Ç’ or ‘ç’ enter


I’ve this unusual conduct all through all TextFormField widgets in my app that given a Ç or ç enter the caret will transfer again in entrance of the Ç/ç as an alternative of behind it (noticed on Android and iOS). On prime of that unusual conduct, if I used to be to insert a brand new letter, that new letter would not be positioned in entrance of the Ç/ç (as one would possibly assume b/c of the caret), no, it overwrites the Ç/ç in an odd method forming a mixture of two letters as if the applying did not know that there is really a letter already in place. Please examine the connected footage.

I can affirm that this isn’t a font concern nor an UTF one. The font is able to displaying a cedilla c, and constructing a brand new flutter app with only a TextFormField won’t reproduce this concern. So, I’ve received to be lacking one thing.

I’m utilizing a just about primary default TextFormField that instantiates its personal TextEditingController. I don’t need to instantiate a customized TextEditingController for every TextFormField with the intention to cross a workaround to it (like checking for Ç/ç and transferring the caret behind it) b/c as talked about I do know that the default TextFormField works simply high-quality with cedilla c.

Here is an instance of a TextFormField that runs into this conduct:

        ornament: const InputDecoration(labelText: 'Identify it'),
        validator: (worth) {
          if (worth!.isEmpty) {
            return 'Identify is lacking';
          // case: title already exists
          last examine = context.learn<BookState>().when((books) {
            if (books.any((e) => e.title == worth)) {
              return 'Identify already exists';
          }, empty: () => null);
          // case: all good
          return examine;
        onSaved: (worth) => bookName = worth!,

caret immediately placed in front of ç
resulting in an odd overwriting



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