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Distinction between C and C++


c vs cpp
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C vs C++ is a well-liked weblog matter amongst builders. C and C++ are programming languages that can be utilized for creating purposes resembling sport improvement, GUI purposes, working system, databases, and so forth. The C programming language is called the God of programming languages, whereas C++ is an prolonged model of C. They’ve given a lot to the programmers that selecting one in every of them over the opposite shall be tough!

Let’s study extra about C vs C++ and likewise about their options, examples, and so forth.

What’s C?

C is a structural or procedural programming language that was developed by Pc Scientist Dennis Ritchie in 1972 at Bell Laboratories. C is a primary programming language that can be utilized to develop an working system resembling Home windows, Apple OS X to complicated applications like Oracle Database, MySQL, Adobe, Python interpreter, Git, and so forth. Being procedural language C doesn’t assist Objects or Lessons.

C has change into widespread due to its execution velocity, simplicity, and suppleness. It turned the bottom for a lot of different programming languages. If a consumer is aware of C, then it’s straightforward for them to study all different programming languages. C is a case-sensitive language which implies small letters and capital letters are handled in a different way. 

Options of C Language

  1. Procedural or Structural Language: Each program follows a specific stream to run the code, and right here C is a procedural programming language, which implies it breaks the code into smaller modules with a view to decrease the complexity of this system.
  2. Dynamic Reminiscence Allocation: C permits dynamic reminiscence allocation, which implies the reminiscence may be allotted throughout run time. It helps programmers as they aren’t conscious beforehand of the house or reminiscence required whereas working the code.  
  3. Easy and Transportable: C is the popular language for freshmen because it kinds the bottom for a lot of different programming languages. It’s easy and straightforward to grasp. C can also be a machine-independent language, which implies you may write the code on one platform and run them on a special platform for modification or updates.
  4. Wealthy in Library: C supplies a lot of built-in features or user-defined features that assist programmers to run easy and higher code simply. C incorporates a big set of libraries that can be utilized as per the necessities.
  5. Pace: Other than its simplicity and portability, C additionally has a quicker execution velocity as in comparison with different programming languages resembling Java and Python. 

What’s C++?

C++ was also called “C with Lessons,” which is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language. Bjarne Stroustrup developed this language in 1979. It’s a multi-paradigm programming language because it helps each procedural and object-oriented programming languages. C++ has the property of the C programming language together with the lessons and objects for user-defined information varieties. C++ is used with graphics purposes, working techniques, smartwatches, sport improvement, cloud distributed system, compilers, and so forth.

At the moment, C++ has been utilized by high tech giants corporations resembling Google, Meta, Amazon, and lots of extra. Now, it isn’t solely an extension of the C programming language, however with a contemporary replace and excessive efficiency, it has change into a preferred and in-demand programming language.

Options of C++ Language

  1. Object-Oriented Language (OOPs): C++ is an object-oriented language which means it has properties like lessons, objects, polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation, abstraction, information hiding, and so forth. The OOPs assist in fixing issues successfully, stop information redundancy and make sure the flexibility of the code.
  2. Compiler Primarily based: C++ is a compiler-based programming language, which implies C++ applications have to be compiled, and their executable information are used to run; that’s why it’s quicker than Java and Python.
  3. Dynamic Reminiscence Allocation: In C++, reminiscence may be allotted dynamically, i.e., throughout run time. A lot of the occasions programmer will not be conscious of how a lot reminiscence can be required to retailer the actual info within the outlined variable, so on this case, the scale of required reminiscence may be outlined at run time.
  4. Quick and Highly effective: Being a compiler-based language, C++ executes the codes quicker. Additionally, it incorporates many built-in features, information varieties, and so forth., that make C++ a robust language and the primary selection for the programmer.
  5. Further Options: As C++ is an extension of the C programming language, so it incorporates all of the options of C, resembling portability, wealthy library, structured programming, pointer, reminiscence administration, and so forth.

Distinction Between C and C++

Parameter C C++
Programming Paradigm C is a structural or procedural programming language.  C is a structural in addition to an object-oriented programming language.
Historical past C was developed by scientist Dennis Ritchie in 1972 at Bell Laboratories. C was developed by Bjarne Stroustup in 1979.
Method C follows a top-down strategy  C follows the bottom-up strategy.
Key phrases C incorporates 32 key phrases C++ incorporates 63 key phrases.
Information Varieties C helps built-in information varieties. C++ assist each built-in and user-defined information varieties.
File Extension .c is the file extension for C programming language .cpp is the file extension for C++ programming language
Header File <stdio.h> header file is utilized by C language <iostream.h> header file is utilized by C++ language
Allocation and Deallocation of Reminiscence In C language, we use calloc() and malloc() for dynamic allocation of reminiscence and free() for deallocation of reminiscence. In C++ language, we use a brand new operator for the allocation of reminiscence and a delete operator for the deallocation of reminiscence.
Entry Modifier C language doesn’t assist entry modifier C++ assist entry modifier
Safety C doesn’t have any safety features so it may be manipulated by outsider C++ is a safe language because it gives safety features resembling information hiding and encapsulation
Reference Variable C doesn’t assist reference variable C++ assist reference variable
Perform Overloading and Perform Overriding C don’t helps perform overloading and performance overriding C++ helps perform overloading and performance overriding
Exception Dealing with C doesn’t assist exception dealing with immediately, it makes use of the perform that assist exception dealing with C++ immediately assist exception dealing with with the assistance of strive – catch block
Program Division C is a procedural language, so code written in C are divided in separate blocks often known as perform C++ is a object oriented language, so code and divided into lessons and objects
Inline Perform C doesn’t assist inline perform C++ assist inline perform
Pushed Sort C is called perform pushed language C is called object pushed language
Compatibility Code written in C language may be run on C++ compiler as C is the foundational language Code written in C++ language may be run on C compiler as C++ language contains OOP’s idea
Information and Perform In C, the info and performance are separated as it’s a procedural programming language In C++, the info and performance are encapsulated as it’s a object oriented programming language
Enter and Output Perform In C scanf() and printf() features are used to take the enter and output respectively In C++ cin and cout features are used to take the enter and output respectively
Utility Improvement C language is extra appropriate for low degree implementation resembling community driver, textual content editor, assembler, and so forth C++ language is extra appropriate for prime degree implementation resembling sport improvement, smartwatches, embedded techniques, and so forth
Namespace To stop the collision and manage the code, namespace is required however C doesn’t assist that C++ assist the namespace
Used By MySQL, Home windows Kerne, Oracle Database, Telegram messenger, and so forth Google Chrome, Torque 3-D sport, Microsoft Workplace, and so forth

Similarity Between C and C++

  • Each C and C++ follows related code construction
  • They each have the same compilation
  • Additionally they observe related coding syntax
  • C++ have prolonged grammar however the primary grammar is similar as C
  • Their reminiscence mannequin could be very near the {hardware}
  • The each languages have the same notation of stack, heap and file scope variable.
  • Largely all C operators and key phrases are current in C++ as nicely.

Instance Program of C and C++

Addition of Two Integers


int essential(){    
int x, y, sum=0;
printf("Enter the 2 integers x and y: ");
scanf("%d %d", &x, &y);
// calculating sum of two integer
sum = x + y;      
printf("%d + %d = %d", x, y, sum);
return 0;


utilizing namespace std;
void essential() {
int a, b, sum=0;
cout<<"Enter the worth for 2 integers: ";
// sum of two numbers in saved in variable sum
sum = a + b;
// prints the sum of two numbers 
cout<<a<< " + " <<b<< " = " <<sum;     
return 0;


As per the options and distinction between C and C++, we will perceive that it relies upon upon the programmer which language shall be most well-liked to decide on as per the necessity of the venture. 

C language appears to be extra appropriate for low-level programming purposes, and it is usually a foundational language for freshmen, whereas C++ is an extension of C programming language with the OOP’s idea, so it’s extra possible for complicated purposes additionally it’s quicker, safe. The demand for the C++ language exhibits the brilliant scope for the builders.

Incessantly Requested Questions

Which is best, C++ or C?

C++ is an extension of C programming language, with enhanced options of OOP’s idea, so if you wish to construct a fancy and safe venture, then C++ shall be most well-liked over C.

How does C++ differ from C language?

C is a structural or procedural programming language that was used for system purposes and low-level programming purposes. Whereas C++ is an object-oriented programming language having some further options like Encapsulation, Information Hiding, Information Abstraction, Inheritance, Polymorphism, and so forth. This helps to make a fancy venture safer and versatile. 

Is C nonetheless utilized by the builders?

Sure, right now additionally, many corporations and builders use the C programming language.

Why is C++ most well-liked over the C programming language?

C++ is an extension of the C language together with Object-Oriented Programming language (OOPs) that provides the benefit of safety, higher efficiency, velocity, scalability, built-in library, and lots of extra. As a consequence of this, C++ is most well-liked if somebody desires to work on complicated initiatives.



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