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Does your deployed infrastructure match what you outlined?


In “How SQL can unify entry to APIs” I made the case for SQL as a standard atmosphere by which to cause about knowledge flowing from many alternative APIs. The important thing enabler of that state of affairs is Steampipe, a Postgres-based software with a rising suite of API plugins that map APIs to overseas tables in Postgres.

These APIs have been, initially, those supplied by AWS, Azure, and GCP. Such APIs are sometimes made extra accessible to builders by means of wrappers like boto3. A typical SQL interface is arguably a greater unifier of the sprawling API ecosystems inside these clouds, and that’s inarguably true in multicloud eventualities. With Postgres below the hood, by the best way, you’re not restricted to SQL: You may hook Python or JavaScript or one other language to Postgres and leverage the frequent SQL interface from these languages too.

The Steampipe ecosystem then expanded with plugins for a lot of different providers together with GitHub, Google Workspace, IMAP, Jira, LDAP, Shodan, Slack, Stripe, and Zendesk. Becoming a member of throughout these APIs is a superpower greatest confirmed by this instance that joins Amazon EC2 endpoints with Shodan vulnerabilities in simply 10 traces of very primary SQL.

  aws_ec2_instance a
left be a part of
  shodan_host s on a.public_ip_address = s.ip
the place
  a.public_ip_address will not be null;

| instance_id         | ports    | vulns              |
| i-0dc60dd191cb84239 | null     | null               |
| i-042a51a815773780d | [80,22]  | null               |
| i-00cf426db9b8a58b6 | [22]     | null               |
| i-0e97f373db42dfa3f | [22,111] | ["CVE-2018-15919"] |

Recordsdata are APIs too

However what’s an API, actually? Should it at all times entail HTTP requests to service endpoints? Extra broadly APIs are knowledge sources that are available in different flavors too. Net pages are sometimes, nonetheless, de facto APIs. I’ve finished extra internet scraping than I care to consider over time and the ability stays helpful.

Recordsdata are additionally knowledge sources: configuration information (INI, YAML, JSON), infrastructure-as-code information (Terraform, CloudFormation), knowledge information (CSV). When plugins for these sources started to affix the combo, Steampipe turned much more highly effective.

First got here the CSV plugin, which unlocked all types of helpful queries. Contemplate, for instance, how we frequently faux spreadsheets are databases. In doing so we are able to assume there’s referential integrity when actually there isn’t. In case you export spreadsheet knowledge to CSV, you need to use SQL to discover these flawed assumptions. And that’s simply one of many countless methods I can think about utilizing SQL to question the world’s main file format for knowledge alternate.

Then got here the Terraform plugin, which queries Terraform information to ask and reply questions like: “Which trails usually are not encrypted?”

the place
  and arguments -> 'kms_key_id' is null;

Utilizing the AWS plugin’s aws_cloudtrail_trail desk, we are able to ask and reply the identical query for deployed infrastructure, and return a end result set that you possibly can UNION with the primary one.

  arn as path
the place
  kms_key_id is null;

Ideally the solutions will at all times be the identical. What you mentioned ought to be deployed, utilizing Terraform, ought to match what’s truly deployed in the event you question AWS APIs. In the true world, in fact, upkeep and/or incident response may end up in configuration drift. Given a standard strategy to cause over outlined and deployed infrastructure, we are able to handle such drift programmatically.

Belt and suspenders

For deployed infrastucture, Steampipe has lengthy supplied a collection of mods that layer safety and compliance checks onto API-derived overseas tables. The AWS Compliance mod, for instance, offers benchmarks and controls to verify deployed infrastructure towards eleven requirements and frameworks together with CIS, GDPR, HIPAA, NIST 800-53, and SOC 2.

steampipe aws cis v140 console IDG

With the appearance of the Terraform plugin it turned attainable to create complementary mods, like Terraform AWS Compliance, that present the identical sorts of checks for outlined infrastructure.

steampipe terraform aws compliance console output IDG

Does what you outlined final month match what you deployed yesterday? A passable reply requires the power to cause over outlined and deployed infrastructure in a standard and frictionless method. SQL can’t take away all of the friction nevertheless it’s a strong solvent.

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