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Hackwithinfy Interview Expertise for Specialist Programmer


Spherical 1: This spherical consists of three DSA questions:

Spherical 2: This spherical was a Technical Interview: Questions requested had been:

  • Introduce your self
  • Find out how to implement Stack Utilizing Queue
  • Write a code for a given query that query was based mostly on an array.
  • What’s a binary tree
  • Distinction between Binary tree and BST
  • Write a code for BFS traversal of Binary Tree
  • Some questions associated to oops like what’s oops than mentioned all its ideas
  • What’s the major key 
  • Distinction between major key and distinctive key
  • Eventually he requested 2 SQL queries

Ideas: Give attention to the easy-medium degree of questions for the interview and likewise be ready with core specifically DBMS and SQL queries.




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