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html – Mix numeric digital keyboard and enterkeyhint on cellular Safari


I am making an attempt to create a kind which collects a single numeric worth, and wish to make the method of filling it in as straightforward as potential on cellular browsers.

Cellular Safari helps using inputmode="numeric" or inputmode="decimal" to point out a number-pad model keyboard when the sector is concentrated. It additionally helps using enterkeyhint to pick the textual content of the ‘subsequent/finished/go/enter’ button (“Go” can be essentially the most acceptable in my case)… Nonetheless, it does not seem that these can be utilized collectively: Setting a numeric inputmode ends in the enter button displaying the default ‘Finished’ look.

I am unable to consider a motive this behaviour must be by design. Is there a workaround or one thing I am lacking?

<enter sort="textual content" inputmode="numeric" placeholder="I present a numeric keyboard with a default 'finished' button"/>

<enter sort="textual content" enterkeyhint="Go" placeholder="I present a textual content keyboard with a 'Go' button"/>

<enter sort="textual content" inputmode="numeric" enterkeyhint="Go" placeholder="I present a numeric keyboard, however nonetheless with a default 'finished' button"/>



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