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Introduction to Multi Linked Checklist


A multi-linked listing is a particular kind of listing that comprises two or extra logical key sequences. Earlier than checking particulars about multi-linked listing, see what’s a linked listing. A linked listing is a knowledge construction that’s free from any dimension restriction till the heap reminiscence shouldn’t be full. We’ve got seen various kinds of linked lists, equivalent to Singly Linked Checklist, Round Linked Checklist, and Doubly Linked Checklist. Right here we are going to see about multi-linked listing.

In a multi-linked listing, every node can have N variety of tips to different nodes. A multi-linked listing is usually used to prepare a number of orders of 1 set of parts.

Properties of Multi-Linked Checklist:

The properties of a multi-linked listing are talked about beneath.

  • It’s an built-in listing of associated constructions.
  • All of the nodes are built-in utilizing hyperlinks of pointers.
  • Linked nodes are linked with associated knowledge.
  • Nodes include pointers from one construction to the opposite.

Construction of Multi-linked listing:

The construction of a multi-linked listing is determined by the construction of a node. A single node typically comprises two issues:

  • An inventory of pointers
  • All of the related knowledge.

 Proven beneath is the construction of a node that comprises just one knowledge and an inventory of pointers.


typedef struct node {

    int knowledge;

    vector<struct node*> pointers;

} Node;

Use instances of Multi-Linked Lists:

Some use instances of a multi-linked listing are:

  • A number of orders of 1 set of parts
  • Illustration of a sparse matrix
  • Checklist of Checklist

A number of orders of 1 set of parts:

  • A multi-linked listing is a extra basic linked listing with a number of hyperlinks from nodes. 
  • For instance, suppose the duty is to take care of an inventory in a number of orders, age and identify right here, we are able to outline a Node that has two references, an age pointer and a reputation pointer. 
  • Then it’s doable to take care of one listing, the place if we observe the identify pointer we are able to traverse the listing in alphabetical order 
  • And if we attempt to traverse the age pointer, we are able to traverse the listing by age additionally.
  • This kind of node group could also be helpful for sustaining a buyer listing in a financial institution the place the identical listing could be traversed in any order (identify, age, or some other standards) based mostly on the necessity. For instance, suppose my parts embody the identify of an individual and his/her age. e.g.

(ANIMESH, 19), (SUMIT, 17), (HARDIK, 22), (ISHA, 18)

A number of orders of set

Inserting into this construction may be very very like inserting the identical node into two separate lists. In multi-linked lists it’s fairly frequent to have back-pointers, i.e. inverses of every of the ahead hyperlinks; within the above instance, this might imply that every node had 4pointers.

Illustration of Sparse Matrix:

Multi Linked Lists are used to retailer sparse matrices. A sparse matrix is such a matrix that has few non-zero values. If we use a standard array to retailer such a matrix, it would find yourself losing plenty of house.

Spare Matrix

The sparse matrix could be represented through the use of a linked listing for each row and column. 

  • A node in a multi-linked listing has 4 components: 
    • The primary half shops the info. 
    • The second shops the pointer to the following row.
    • Third for the pointer to the following column and 
    • Fourth for storing the coordinate variety of the cell within the matrix.

Illustration of sparse matrix

Checklist of Checklist:

A multi-linked listing can be utilized to characterize an inventory of lists. For instance, we are able to create a linked listing the place every node is itself an inventory and have tips to different nodes. 
See the construction beneath:

  • It’s a 2-dimensional knowledge construction.
  • Right here every node has three fields:
    • The primary discipline shops the info.
    • The second discipline shops a pointer to the kid node.
    • The third discipline shops the pointer to the following node.

Checklist of Checklist (multi-level linked listing)

Benefits of Multi-Linked Checklist:

The benefits of a multi-linked listing are:

  • Units of similar knowledge could be processed into a number of sequences.
  • Knowledge will not be duplicated anyplace.
  • Knowledge of 1 variety exist solely as soon as within the listing.

Comparability of Multi-Linked Checklist with Doubly Linked Checklist:

Let’s first see the construction of a node of Doubly Linked Checklist:


typedef struct node {

    int knowledge;

    struct node* prev;

    struct node* subsequent;

} Node;

Evaluating Doubly linked listing and Multi-linked listing:

  • In contrast to doubly nodes in a multilinked listing might or might not have an inverse for every pointer.
  • A doubly Linked listing has precisely two pointers, whether or not multi-linked listing can have a number of pointers
  • In a doubly linked listing, pointers are precisely reverse to one another, however in a multi-linked listing, it’s not so.
  • Doubly linked listing is a particular case of multi-linked listing.



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