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ios – Why do I get nil when pasting from UIPasteboard.basic after verifying the pasteboard has contents?

I’m working into a problem reliably detecting what’s on the pasteboard and pasting information from the pasteboard to make use of in my app.

First: detecting pasteboard contents reliably
I’ve an app that makes use of a picture as enter. When there may be a picture on the pasteboard, I need to give the consumer an choice to stick the picture. When there may be not a picture on the pasteboard, I don’t need to give the consumer the choice to stick, since no matter is on the pasteboard won’t be helpful within the app.

To detect whether or not there may be a picture accessible on the pasteboard, I first used this:


I’ve additionally tried this different method, explicitly checking for particular forms of pictures. Right here I am together with the broader context of code that I am utilizing to verify the pasteboard any time the app involves the foreground:

class PasteboardProvider: ObservableObject {

    @Revealed var pasteboardHasImages: Bool = false
    init() {

        NotificationCenter.default.writer(for: UIApplication.willEnterForegroundNotification, object: nil)
            .map { _ in
            let supportedTypes: Set<String> = ["public.heic",

            let pasteboardTypes = UIPasteboard.basic.varieties

            // Returns false when there are frequent parts (pictures on pasteboard)
            let pasteboardContainsNoImages = supportedTypes.isDisjoint(with: pasteboardTypes)

            return !pasteboardContainsNoImages
            .assign(to: &$pasteboardHasImages)

Each of those appear to work more often than not, telling me whether or not or not there may be a picture on the pasteboard.

Nevertheless, typically (I haven’t discovered the precise situations that result in it) UIPasteboard.basic.hasImages shall be true, suggesting there may be a picture on the pasteboard (and, in truth, there may be a picture on the pasteboard).

However then, when I attempt to paste it, I get nil. On account of how I course of the info in my app, I get it as information, and this information is what’s nil:

guard let information = UIPasteboard.basic.information(forPasteboardType: "public.picture")

Am I lacking a step or one thing? What might trigger this paste to fail, even after I’ve simply checked the pasteboard, and know that it comprises a picture?


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