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Too many disk galaxies than concept permits


Feb 04, 2022 (Nanowerk Information) The Customary Mannequin of Cosmology describes how the universe got here into being in accordance with the view of most physicists. Researchers on the College of Bonn have now studied the evolution of galaxies inside this mannequin, discovering appreciable discrepancies with precise observations. The College of St. Andrews in Scotland and Charles College within the Czech Republic have been additionally concerned within the examine. The outcomes have now been printed within the Astrophysical Journal (“The excessive fraction of skinny disk galaxies continues to problem ΛCDM cosmology”). Most galaxies seen from Earth resemble a flat disk with a thickened middle. They’re due to this fact just like the sports activities tools of a discus thrower. In accordance with the Customary Mannequin of Cosmology, nonetheless, such disks ought to kind relatively hardly ever. It’s because within the mannequin, each galaxy is surrounded by a halo of darkish matter. This halo is invisible, however exerts a powerful gravitational pull on close by galaxies resulting from its mass. “That is why we hold seeing galaxies merging with one another within the mannequin universe,” explains Prof. Dr. Pavel Kroupa of the Helmholtz Institute for Radiation and Nuclear Physics on the College of Bonn. This crash has two results, the physicist explains: “First, the galaxies penetrate within the course of, destroying the disk form. Second, it reduces the angular momentum of the brand new galaxy created by the merger.” Put merely, this vastly decreases its rotational velocity. The rotating movement usually ensures that the centrifugal forces appearing throughout this course of trigger a brand new disk to kind. Nonetheless, if the angular momentum is just too small, a brand new disk won’t kind in any respect.

Giant discrepancy between prediction and actuality

Within the present examine, Kroupa’s doctoral scholar, Moritz Haslbauer, led a global analysis group to analyze the evolution of the universe utilizing the most recent supercomputer simulations. The calculations are primarily based on the Customary Mannequin of Cosmology; they present which galaxies ought to have shaped by at present if this concept have been right. The researchers then in contrast their outcomes with what’s at present most likely essentially the most correct observational knowledge of the true Universe seen from Earth. “Right here we encountered a big discrepancy between prediction and actuality,” Haslbauer says: “There are apparently considerably extra flat disk galaxies than might be defined by concept.” Nonetheless, the decision of the simulations is proscribed even on at present’s supercomputers. It could due to this fact be that the variety of disk galaxies that will kind within the Customary Mannequin of Cosmology has been underestimated. “Nonetheless, even when we take this impact into consideration, there stays a severe distinction between concept and commentary that can not be remedied”, Haslbauer factors out. The state of affairs is completely different for an alternative choice to the Customary Mannequin, which dispenses with darkish matter. In accordance with the so-called MOND concept (the acronym stands for “MilgrOmiaN Dynamics), galaxies don’t develop by merging with one another. As an alternative, they’re shaped from rotating fuel clouds that change into increasingly condensed. In a MOND universe, galaxies additionally develop by absorbing fuel from their environment. Nonetheless, mergers of full-grown galaxies are uncommon in MOND. “Our analysis group in Bonn and Prague has uniquely developed the strategies to do calculations on this various concept,” says Kroupa, who can be a member of the Transdisciplinary Analysis Models “Modelling” and “Matter” on the College of Bonn. “MOND’s predictions are according to what we truly see.”

Problem for the Customary Mannequin

Nonetheless, the precise mechanisms of galaxy progress are usually not but absolutely understood, even with MOND. Moreover, in MOND, Newton’s legal guidelines of gravity don’t apply below sure circumstances, however have to be changed by the proper ones. This could have far-reaching penalties for different areas of physics. “However, the MOND concept solves all identified extragalactic cosmological issues regardless of being initially formulated to handle galaxies solely,” says Dr. Indranil Banik, who was concerned on this analysis. “Our examine proves that younger physicists at present nonetheless have the chance to make vital contributions to elementary physics,” Kroupa provides.



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