Friday, August 19, 2022
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Uber Interview Expertise for SDE-1 2022


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I utilized for the Uber SDE 1 position by taking a referral.


The subsequent day I received Interview Shortlist Mail. All interviews had been scheduled on the identical day.


  • Drawback 1: Given a frog with restricted vitality capability standing on a supply node. Initially, it has full vitality. Transferring from one node to a different lead to a discount in vitality by 1 and a rise in time by 1. There are vitality drinks current at some nodes that it could make use of to extend vitality.  If its vitality reduces to 0, it dies. Discover the minimal time taken by the frog to achieve the vacation spot node. Whether it is unattainable return -1.
  • Drawback 2:  You’re a farmer with a capital. You might be given n crops with 2 parameters related to these crops.
    • minimal capital required to be with a farmer to be eligible to take it 
    • revenue related to the crop. 

You need to buy okay crops such that revenue is most. Taking in revenue from one crop leads to a rise in your capital


Drawback: Given a string and matrix of characters. Verify whether or not the string is current within the matrix-

  • Optimize the answer if an array of million strings is given rather than only a single string.

ROUND 4: (HIRING MANAGER INTERVIEW + DESIGN-BASED): A whole lot of questions from my Internship experiences in addition to my tasks

Low-Stage Design Drawback: Design MS Excel.



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