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Why the James Webb House Telescope seems so unusual


After 25 years and almost $10 billion, the James Webb House Telescope has lastly left planet Earth. Billed as a successor to the beloved Hubble House Telescope, the Webb’s mirror is six instances bigger and its devices are tuned to watch longer wavelengths, so as to detect the stretched-out gentle from primitive galaxies 13.5 billion gentle years away.

That main mission — to see the primary stars and galaxies that fashioned after the Large Bang — decided the bizarre and difficult design of the telescope. As a substitute of a shiny tube, the Webb Telescope seems like an enormous honeycomb driving on a silver surfboard. The brief reply to why it seems like that’s: It must be very huge and really chilly.

Within the video above, NASA astrophysicist Amber Straughn and I construct a small mannequin of the telescope to discover its extraordinary design.

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